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12. X Applications (Clients)

  1. The General Image Manipulation Program - GIMP

    This is considered to be a very powerful graphics manipulation system, somewhat competitive with Adobe's "PhotoShop" product. (There are arguments over which program is actually superior. If people have hope of considering GIMP competitive, then it must be at least pretty good...)

  2. LyX

    An X-based document editor that creates LaTeX output.

  3. xearth

    xearth renders the Earth onscreen along with the appropriate lighting for the time of day. Many things are configurable, including:

    • What projection is used (Mercator or an orthographic (pseudo-3D) view);

    • Use of gridlines

    • What cities are labelled

    • What point of view is used (by default, you look down from the Sun)

    and lots more.

  4. IVTOOLS - C++-based Node/Topology editor/viewer

  5. AC 3D CAD Package

  6. Open Cascade

  7. Freedom-of-Choice CAD Commercial CAD for Linux/Solaris

    Software Forge used to regularly spamming Linux newsgroups on Usenet, which forces me to recommend not buying their product. Even if it was good software (and all reviews thus far indicate that it is not), Software Forge has been acting as poor a Usenet "citizen" and is thus deserving of not selling product.

  8. LinuxCAD / Freedom-of-Choice CAD Impressions (As published in Linux Gazette)

    A user has bought Software Forge's package, and reports that the software may not live up to its advertising. Not a big surprise...

  9. LinuxCAD Response to Review - also in Linux Gazette

    Software Forge responds to the review, presenting their typical none-too-well-proofed sales pitch, along with the claim that Wuest's review was "fraudulent." (But also that the things that were wrong have been fixed, so it's no longer true... So did the review lie, or do they have a completely different definition of the word "fraudulent" than the rest of us?)

  10. gEDA, the GNU Electronic Design Automation project

  11. FREEdraft - 2D Mechanical CAD System

    Pretty dead...

  12. XV Home Page

  13. Rosegarden

    Rosegarden is a free integrated musical notation editor and MIDI sequencer for Unix/X platforms, with specific support for Linux PCs and SGI IRIX workstations. Binaries for these machines are available by ftp, together with (we hope) fairly portable sources.


    Site with a wide variety of software and data for the Persistence Of Vision raytracing system.

  15. MagicPoint - X11-based presentation tool

    Doesn't import in any external formats; it can export to HTML and LaTeX formats...

  16. ZMech - Interactive State Machine development tool

  17. Freeciv

    A "libre" version of the game of Civilization.

  18. ImPress - WYSIWYG Layout Tool written using TCL/Tk.

  19. KeyJnote

    This is a package that uses OpenGL to do "nifty renderings" of slides and slide transitions; it works with PDF files or graphical images.

  20. DIA - Visio "clone" for X

  21. GraphViz - the Graph Visualization Project. See also GraphViz at ATT

  22. OpenDX Home Page - visualization package that uses Lesstif.

12.1. X Utilities

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