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What Do I Do for a Living?

Christopher Browne

I am presently engaged as a Database Architect for an Internet registry management company. Their (our!) Java software runs on Unix, mostly Linux and AIX, with intense use of PostgreSQL .

I have been involved, as database administrator, with data conversions for the same company; they have taken on management of numerous TLDs, and the process has involved using a combination of Perl scripts and PostgreSQL stored procedures to transform data from the previous managers into PostgreSQL form. As a result, I regularly loaded tens of millions of records into PostgreSQL , which, if the DB is suitably tuned, takes place stunningly quickly.

I am involved in the development of the Slony-I replication system for PostgreSQL .

I used to work in Markham for Deloitte Consulting, in their Global Services group which provides SAP support for a variety of clients around North America. That was a brief and not terribly fun stint, possibly adversely affected by the economic turmoil that fell out of 9/11.

I spent five years at Sabre Inc, sometimes owned by AMR- American Airlines.

A reorganization in June 1997 combined Sabre Decision Technologies with its "sister" division Sabre Computing Services to create what was initially called ITS (Information Technology Solutions). They apparently quickly realized that "its" was just going to cause trouble, so it was quickly renamed STS (Sabre Technology Solutions).

I was a Consultant in the FHRS (Financial and Human Resources Solutions) group, involved with the transition between "legacy systems" and several R/3 systems, once with an emphasis on the Asset Management subsystems of the FI system, but of late, with the SHARP HR/Payroll project. (SHARP is a clever conglomeration of the letters in SAP and HR.)

I have been involved with the "general information systems" side of the organization which grew out of (and largely still is) the "IS Department" for American Airlines. At some point, I might have liked to get involved in the Operations Research work. Sabre's OR group is responsible for the development of some of the most advanced yield management, flight and crew scheduling software used in the airline industry.

As a result of my employment at Sabre, I had extra opportunities to travel, and built up some Travel Information Links

I have had an interesting time over the last few years working for companies that have been doing significant reorganizations. Mergers, splits, that sort of thing. Stressful stuff, but I have typically been fortunate enough to see at least minor financial benefits from the process. In the most recent iteration, where my portion of Sabre was acquired by EDS, I wound up recompensed not too shabbily for my departure...

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