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2. Document Management Projects for Linux

A number of projects have sought to build free software providing similar functionality to Lotus Notes. Many are coming from different directions, trying to replicate different base abilities:

Not unlike the story of the blind men and the elephant, each group of developers has a slightly different perspective on what is useful about systems like Lotus Notes.

2.1. Gather, once PINN, once Sumatra, once Mediator

There is a "spinoff" project of the Mnemonic Browser Project formerly called "Mediator" but now called Gather that seeks to provide similar "groupware" functionality to those provided by Lotus Notes and Netscape Communicator.

As such, it may be characterized as an attempt to provide high levels of interactivity, which would take it beyond the distributed data/replication/discussion group functionality in Notes.

This project is pretty much dead.

2.2. Gnuotes/Yoga

The Yoga Project is seeking to provide a more direct emulation of the functionality of Lotus Notes.

This project is in the design phase, and appears to be heading towards a more "direct" attempt to replicate the functionality of Notes:

Initial efforts are being directed towards development of the database portion.

The name was originally Gnuotes.

2.3. Other Object Server and Document-based Database Systems

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