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1. What about Texas?

1. What about Texas?

From 1996 thru 2001, I lived in Irving, Texas, which is roughly north-west of Dallas, and north-east of Fort Worth.

Irving is probably most famous as the home of the Dallas Cowboys Football Team. With the behavioural problems they had in the late '90s, it seemed more appropriate to boast of the Cowgirls Cheerleaders instead...

In any case, Texas is most definitely a place where football is highly worshipped. If the Dallas Cowboys have had a tarnished image, there is no such tarnish on the college ball teams. As a foreigner (in more ways than one) I resisted being drawn into any of the conflicts between the proponents of UTA, Texas A&M, or Baylor, which is a good thing, because they take their schools and their football teams really seriously. (My alma mater, University of Waterloo, had the unfortunate fame of a football team with an 0 for 36 record in the late '80s while I was there. Students that graduated the year before I did never saw their team win once during their university careers. And moreover, UW is more-or-less the king of apathy...)

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