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2. Free Spreadsheets running on Linux

There are a variety of spreadsheet implementations released as Section 5 that run on "The Linux Operating System", with several implementation approaches:

For better or worse, the only ones that have really had much "uptake" are the "slavish emulations."

2.1. Emulations of Commercial Spreadsheets

  1. The Gnumeric spreadsheet

    Notable Gnumeric features include:

    • Ability to import and export Excel files

    • 100% of Excel functions

    • Import of CSV, WK1, xBase data formats

    • Scriptable using Perl and Guile

    • Printing via gnome-print, thus providing support for things like Type 1 anti-aliased fonts, which allows high quality display.

    • Various analysis tools including statistical functions and a "goal seek" tool

  2. macroCALC

    A Lotus 123 compatible character based spreadsheet. Once sold commercially, the binaries for Linux are freely redistributable.

  3. kspread - the KDE spreadsheet

  4. LibreOffice™, formerly sold as StarOffice, has been released as Free Software .

  5. IBM Lotus Symphony

    This is an IBM-released "office productivity" package, created using a combination of Eclipse , Java , and portions of the code base.

2.2. Application Platforms

2.3. Other Experiments

2.4. Things Predating Excel

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