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PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

Christopher Browne

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. QuickStart Guide to Tuning PostgreSQL
3. Managing System Resources
4. Memory Usage
5. Disk Usage
6. CPU Usage
7. Network Usage
8. Varying Database Workloads
9. Tuning SQL Queries
10. Creating Indices
11. Using pl/pgsql
12. Other References on Performance Tuning
13. Other Performance Tuning Literature

At one point, I was planning for this document to become a book on PostgreSQL performance tuning. Other projects having come up, I'm releasing what's here as it is.

1. Introduction

You may wish to start with the " QuickStart"; it represents a set of things you can do to improve performance that do not involve coding changes. An hour or two spent improving database configuration, and VACUUMing and ANALYZEing some tables may cheaply provide substantial performance increases without any need to get into application changes.

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