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10.1. Previous Approaches/Methodologies

At various points in time, I have tried out various palmtop computers; none have so far proven to be as versatile as pencil and paper. The major problems tend to be:

There are lots of nifty desktop-computer-based scheduling packages with a plethora of features. They conquer the limitations of the palmtops, unfortunately, they all have the crippling deficiency that they can't remind you anything when you're not at your computer.

I used to use a Franklin Dayplanner. Rather than using the "phone book" that they provide, I periodically print up pages typeset using a document class called addressbk.cls that I wrote up some years ago for LaTeX. I keep a (periodically synchronized-between-home-and work) information list in LaTeX form online, and gradually mark it up with changes. It's not a perfect method, but it has worked fairly well.


10.2. Other PIM Links

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