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3. Interoperability of PIMS with Unix/Linux

3.1. Using Linux With PDAs

Some tiny machines (not 3Com Pilots) are powerful enough that they can actually run real OSes such as Linux. Recently, people have been working on no-MMU-needed ports of Linux to run it on systems (like PDAs) that typically don't have a MMU.

There are several approaches to the use of Linux with "very portable" computer hardware:

3.1.1. PDA Running Linux With Highly Customized User Space

3.1.2. Foreign OS Linked to Linux

  • KPilot

    A "Hot-Sync Manager" for the 3Com Pilot that works with the KDE Desktop.

  • XNotesPlus

    XNotesPlus is a non-GPLed-but-nonetheless-free package that provides the following functionality:

    • Display, edit, save onscreen "sticky notes."

    • Notes can have audio/visual alarms attached to them, colours, categories

    • Persistent "display configuration" between sessions

    • Print/email support

    • 3Com PalmPilot "Memo" support

    • 3Com PalmPilot "Address" support

    • Can print envelopes using "Nenscript"

    • Audio alarms using "sox"

    • Motif and Gtk user interfaces

    "XNotesPlus is free for all uses, except you can't use the source within a GNU project. Sorry, but RMS has gone too far and it's ticked me off lately. See the file doc-d/COPYING for details on licensing." -- Michael J. Hammel

  • ColdSync

    ColdSync is a tool for synchronizing PalmOS devices (PalmPilot, Palm V, Qualcomm PDQ, etc.) with Unix workstations.

3.1.3. (Perhaps Abbreviated) Full Scale Linux

Or NetBSD ...

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