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2. Palm Computing

I used to use a Palm Tungsten T|X to track various personal information; it's small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, fairly functional, and is fairly interoperable with a variety of computer systems.

The software on the PalmPilot is flexible and powerful enough that it starts to overcome the long time "lack of flexibility" problem of the electronic PDA; the touchscreen system works sufficiently well for limited note-taking. The Pilot is the first PDA that I find replaces enough of the functionality of the traditional DayTimer for it to be worth carrying around.

The PalmComputing platform runs an operating system called PalmOS which is based on the Kadak AMX real time executive.

There's some hardware information on my Hardware I Run web page.

2.1. Palm Computing "Pilot" FAQs

With the popularity of the Pilot, there is no dearth of lists of Frequently Asked Questions; consider consulting these resources before asking questions on Pilot-related Usenet newsgroups...

2.2. Pilot DOC


2.3. Calculators, Computations

2.4. Third Party Pilot Hardware

2.5. Techie Pilot Links

2.6. Programming on PalmOS

2.7. Sundry 3COM Pilot Links

2.8. Pilot Easter Eggs

2.8.1. Credits

  • Go to the Memory App

  • Hold stylus tip on system version number in the upper right of the screen

  • Press the down button with your finger.

2.8.2. Taxi

  • Set the date to before February 1st, 1996. (ex. 1-31-96)

  • Go into the memo pad, entering a new memo

  • Hold down the PageDown key

  • Make a stroke from the middle of the graffiti area, going left to the far left of the display (right to the edge)

2.8.3. Description: see the DOS message "Error reading Drive C: Abort, Retry Fail?"

  • Start the Giraffe game

  • Place your stylus on the top of the screen

  • Press the down button

2.8.4. Photo of two guys in suits

  • Start the Giraffe game

  • Place your stylus in the lower right corner

  • Press the up button

2.8.5. Dancing hula tree

  • Start the Giraffe game

  • Hit the Help button

  • Draw the '#' character

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