Christopher B. Browne's Home Page

2. Parents

My parents, Harold and Carol Browne, reside in Ottawa which is where the brothers were all born and raised. In 1992/1993, The Four all moved away from Ottawa.

My dad used to be the maintainer of the CSB (Christian Service Brigade) Home Page, as he was the head of CSB Canada. I was involved with Brigade as a youth, and attained the top rank of Herald.

A notable alumnus of CSB (and one of those that attained Herald at the same Brigade unit I did) is John Manley, who, in 2002, is Deputy Prime Minister for Canada.

Dad is a Chartered Accountant, and used to be involved in setting financial policy in the Canadian Government.

My Mom used to work for a variety of travel agencies doing accounting work. Evidently, I inherited my financial background pretty honestly... These days, she's involved with accounting at the Metropolitan Bible Church, which is the church at which all four brothers were involved in our youth.

2.1. More Distant Relatives

2.2. Genealogy

I've installed LifeLines, a genealogy package for Unix-like OSes, and have grabbed some of the data that my dad has collected in his travels and at some point should take a look at GeneWeb (Genealogy Package that runs web-based on Linux/W32) or GWintree Also interesting is GRAMPS, which uses Python and GNOME libraries.

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