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8. Integrated Text Database Systems - Lotus Notes

The most notable text database system that has many text management features integrated together is Lotus Notes. It operates as a peer-to-peer networked text database management system.

Most features are able to operate both on "servers" (e.g. On hosts that act as central data repositories) and on "clients" (e.g. On hosts that are used by "end-users.") It doesn't have quite the sophistication of the high-end "document management systems" (in particular, it doesn't offer much in terms of archival policies and document versioning), but it's much easier to configure than most other "document management systems."

Lotus Notes features such things as:

Notes provides a useful and fairly rich set of functionality, and often represents a much better data repository than a "dumb" LAN file system. Granted that it is probably less storage-efficient, a cost paid for value gained in speed and robustness.

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