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3. MS W95 Tuning...

This isn't really about any "problems;" just informational...

With the right settings, you can choose your own minimum and maximum sizes for the disk cache, for example.

KB articles Q140678 and the revised Q108079 say that the following is valid for win95 at least:

If not present, create the file "system.ini" (yes, win95 still recognizes it. It didn't die with 3.x) in your windows directory.

Create a section [vcache] if it's not already there, and add the following entries:

    MinFileCache=<desired minimum cache size in kB>
    MaxFileCache=<desired maximum cache size in kB>

Reboot, and that's it.

You can use System Monitor to verify that the new settings are working.

3.1. Serious Security Issue with NT...

You must run NTFS to have ACLs, or anything beyond the simple R/O, hidden, archive, and system attributes.

No NTFS, no filesystem security. And here's the fun part: even so-called MS "experts" frequently recommend that NT be installed that way to ease emergency recovery from a DOS boot.

And then there are network "holes" like the following:

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