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4. Computer Piracy

I would argue that Microsoft has, contrary to attempts to claim the contrary, benefited from "computer piracy" in a big way.

Furthermore, the use of the term "piracy" seems to me to be an abuse of the word "piracy."

The The Microsoft-English Dictionary describes the seemingly relevant term "Heroin Economics," described as a

Common practice of drug dealers looking to establish a customer base by providing free samples to "hook" users, at which time the dealer raises his prices for his product. Since people are now dependent, they will naturally pay whatever is necessary to obtain the substance. In the software world, for years Microsoft tolerated software piracy (both casual and organized) as its user base expanded and the company became a monopoly on the desktop with millions of "hooked" users and which time it raised its prices and plans to force users to pay annual tributes to feed their dependence on Microsoft products and services.

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