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4. Computer Music and MP3-related Links

MP3 is the "hot not-so-new format" for the efficient transfer of music across Internet links. It is vastly more compact a data format than traditional CDs; this comes with some loss of resolution, but mostly from the use of data compression, where music has enough patterns to be considerably compressible.

The potential is quite subversive in a practical sense; artists may popularize their music by publicizing samples in MP3 form, and then, by avoiding the central control of the music stores, sell more directly to fans.

The CD could diminish in price from $15 to $5, and the artist nonetheless watch their revenue from the sale rise from maybe $1 to $2 or $3...

Not surprisingly, the traditional "music industry" seems to consider MP3 to be an enemy of their hegemonic control over the sale of music; the danger to them is not primarily the result of the ability people get to make illegal duplicate copies of recordings, but rather the potential for artists to connect directly to the market, thereby shutting them out.

4.1. Linux and MP3

4.2. iPod and Linux

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