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3. Mail/SMTP

3.1. Mail Server Links

3.2. My Mail Client - MH

My primary mail client package is MH.

Its claim to fame is that it has a "component" architecture, with a large group of Unix commands that perform such tasks as searching for mail, refiling it, reformatting it, redirecting it, and lots of other stuff. It is exceedingly flexible in its behaviour.

I have rather a lot of mail folders, and use the Tk/TCL-based interface exmh to interactively search for and redistribute mail amongst my many mail folders. Exmh comes out-of-the-box with easily configured interfaces to external packages such as:

Exmh assumes the use of the Xauth security facility that prevents other people from (without permission) opening windows on your system; Xauth has proven to be rather annoying to configure under Linux. (This is one of the few areas that come up for major criticism in the Unix-Haters Book criticism of X with which I can readily agree.) I've got documentation in my MH folder somewhere...

Paul Graham , of Lisp fame, discovered, in 2002, what we had started using back in 1996, albeit in a degenerate fashion. His [ A Plan for Spam ] uses only the 15 " most interesting tokens". It is quite unfortunate that so many public forums attribute the methodology to Graham when Jason Rennie was distributing free software for this back in 1996.

3.3. Miscellaneous Email Client Links

3.4. IMAP

IMAP, the Internet Message Access Protocol, is a standardized mechanism for mail clients to interact with mail servers. Unlike the common alternative, POP3, it supports having many folders on the mail server, and offers much more sophisticated mail management capabilities.

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