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1. MacOS

1. MacOS

I did a "Mac test"; I acquired a MacBook. One of the dueling-core, "oh, my burning thighs" models. It's OK; it came with various Unix tools I like, notably including 14. It wasn't difficult to get bits of Darwin, X11, and BSD Ports installed so as to have even more "crunchy Unix goodness."

As of 2010, there's something funky-ish about the USB ports; I used to be able to burn DVDs on plugged-in USB DVD drives, and that has ceased to be the case, alas. I suspect overheating as the issue. (Oh, my burning thighs...)

There's some interesting native MacOS software, though the writing is pretty clearly on the wall, as Apple quite evidently considers IOS apps to be their "future." I rather liked Keynote, as slide production software. I was interested in OmniGraffle, though I do not do enough diagramming (and usually use TCM instead).

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