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6. Related Literature

6.1. Related Papers/References on Software Development Approaches

6.2. Portability

Many software packages have initially been targeted at Linux, and may be installed and used on other systems. The following is, to my mind, exemplary of what should be done by those creating software "for Linux:" " Pyrite - (was PalmPython) (a package to allow connection to 3Comp Pilots) requires Python and pilot-link or newer. It is developed and tested on an i486 running Debian GNU/Linux 2.0, but should compile on any Unix-like system capable of running Python and pilot-link. It may be portable to other platforms as well, and the author would appreciate compatibility reports. "


Writing portable software is a net benefit for the GNU system:

-- Havoc Pennington 01 Oct 1998, plus some subsequent comments...

6.3. Some Miscellaneous Free Software Information

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