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4. My Linux Projects

Here are Linux-related projects to which I have specifically contributed:

4.1. Business Applications for Linux

Over the last few years, interest by businesses in Linux-based systems has grown tremendously.

The Linux Business Solutions Project seeks to provide improved documentation targetted for advocating use of Linux to support business applications.

I have collected documentation on software that runs on Linux that is useful for various sorts of business applications, and to help Linux be useful in general:

Note that the vast majority of the software discussed is not solely targeted at Linux, but will also run on other UNIX-like platforms such as the BSD "family."

4.2. Linux User Groups

I wrote some portions of the Linux User Group HOWTO

I was also the treasurer of the North Texas Linux Users Group (NTLUG).

4.3. CBB - Linux Check Book Balancer

I was involved with the creation and design of the CBB - Check Book Balancersystem. I wrote the (now obsolete) shell-based version, and was responsible for code that imports and exports Quicken-compatible QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) datafiles.

4.4. GnuCash

I have been involved with a number of things on the GnuCash project, including design work on the QIF import scheme, reporting (in Scheme), producing documentation, and such.

4.5. ifile

I did some substantial rearchitecting of the ifile email filtering system that resulted insubstantial performance improvements.

A port of Ifile to the Scheme language is still outstanding; I have some largely-working code that needs some performance tuning...

A prototype effort to do some data translation of Ifile data into the CDB (Constant Data Base)format looks like it would prove fruitful in further increasing speed and reducing memory consumption, assuming I can find time to do coding on it...

4.6. PostgreSQL

4.7. Web Robots

Real Soon Now I will be releasing the now-fairly-configurable version of my value portfolio utility, written in Perl that reads (now from a file) information about one's portfolio, and then uses Lynx to go off to the Web to search out the latest trading prices, prepares a summary, and saves price information in a text database for later reference. (I have also written a utility in Python that reads through the resulting price information and does statistical variance analysis. I probably ought to release that too...)

4.8. Other Linux-Related Documentation

4.9. Past Projects

When involved with the "Atari world," I was involved fairly extensively with porting UNIX-based software to the Atari ST. Notable ported softwareincluded:

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