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8. The Information Stuporhighway

First Monday is an Internet-based peer reviewed journal that deals with developments both social and technical on the Internet. Issues have included such things as:

A copy of my Linux and Decentralized Development paper was published in First Monday and may be found here.

8.1. Evaluating Internet Hype

There are several nice rules that can be applied to any marketing statement about the Internet to determine whether or not it is "real," or just hype.

8.2. Internet Censorship

Attempts to prevent the use of packet-switched communications networks such as the Internet to transmit information that could possibly offend someone are technically doomed to failure, and can have seriously chilling effects on overall personal freedoms. There are many statements, viewpoints and ideas (well beyond the distasteful realm of "dirty pictures") with which I disagree. I will nonetheless defend peoples right to express such, because the alternative is to seriously injure peoples' abilities to express those viewpoints I do agree with.

There has been a growth of software to try to automate censorship; this has pretty much been an unmitigated disaster, between such problems as:

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