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7. Internet Service Providers

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Also note Sympatico AUP and Sympatico Speed Test .

7.1. Cable Modem Providers

While the cable companies that are selling "Cable Modem" services claim only to support Windows 95, all of the cable modems I'm aware of require an Ethernet card in the PC, and thus should be able to be attached to a Unix LAN using regular Ethernet connections.


Note that calling the devices "Cable Modems" is ridiculously inaccurate. These devices are in fact not modems at all, as they neither modulate nor demodulate between digital and analog signals. In similar fashion, there is no such thing as an ISDN "modem." The whole point to ISDN is to not need the digital/analog conversions that a modem is intended to provide. The typical correct name is to call it an "ISDN Terminal Adaptor." Consider this yet another conquest of marketing idiocy over reality.

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7.2. Web Hosting

After returning from Texas to Canada , I shall likely need to be moving web pages to some new home. Here's some that have been suggested mostly by OCLUG contacts...

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