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4. Consulting Ideas

4.1. Pagers

Another proposal:


After having 35% of our oncall staff leave, our company made the following decision:

  • 1st On-call - $200 flat rate/week

  • 2nd On-call - no compensation

Month-end Financial Close

  • 1st On-Call - $400 flat rate (7-10 days usually)

  • 2nd On-Call - $200

Employees can trade the $200 for one full day off (paid) but must take it within 21 days of being on-call.

Contractors get the flat rate plus two hour minimum per call.

2nd On-Call is a backup position only and is called if 1st is unreachable or swamped. Almost never gets called.

Interestingly note: Non-month-end oncall activity is almost nil. The main complaint wasn't the night work but having to be available to answer the questions or fix the abends.

--John Singer 

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