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2. HTTP - The Protocol of the World Wide Web

The Web involves three really important things:

HTTP is not the same thing as the HTML language used to represent information; HTTP primarily involves passing the names of "objects" and their values back and forth. While there may be disagreement as to how HTML ought to be defined, people are pretty clear on the HTTP definition...

There is, however, a proposal for HTTP-NG - Next Generation Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

2.1. Web Servers

2.2. Special Purpose Web Servers

2.3. The Joy of Proxy Servers

Things that a proxy server can buy you include:

2.4. Webbed Library Applications

2.5. How I Use the World Wide Web...

I typically use the Lynx web browser to read HTML documents. I also fairly commonly make use of Netscape Communicator.

I use Lynx in conjunction with Software Agents written in scripting languages such as Perl, Python, and Guile to search the web for information on such things as stock and mutual fund prices and weather forecasts.

In order to have a single, common, web cache that is persistent and provides service for any web browser software that I might use, I have installed the Squid web cache package (aka "proxy server"). I also use JunkBuster.

2.6. Blogging Software

For blog fans, there are plenty of options out there...

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