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Table of Contents
1. Fountain Pens
2. Model Rocketry

1. Fountain Pens

Some people are "naked" if they go out without clothing; I am also "naked" if I go out without a Fountain pen .

1.1. Chinese Fountain Pens

We are seeing increasing availability of Chinese pens of steadily increasing quality. There has been a problem of Chinese makers of "knock-offs" of major European vendors; the Chinese vendors are selling increasingly nice pens legitimately under their own brand names.

The Hero pen company reputedly took over what had formerly been a Parker pen factory in China; they are now selling remarkably near clones of famous Parker models like the 21, 45, 51 that are pretty decent (and write nicely) at low, low prices.

1.2. Pencils

Not usually hugely interesting, but there are some interesting pencils out there...

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