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3. Since School

3.1. Toronto - Nidak, SHL, MCI

In 1993, I moved to Toronto Ontario, to work for a small consulting firm called Nidak Associates. A month later, it was swallowed up by SHL Systemhouse, which was, in turn, swallowed up by MCI Communications. (My boss, Nigel Stokes, lives on as the founder of a new company called DataMirror. Life at SHL really didn't agree with him.)

One of the people I worked with was Patrick McPhee, who describes himself as "just another failed musician making a living in the computer industry." That certainly understates his skills, which include being a TeX guru, one of the few to truly understand virtual fonts...

I continued on with SHL until early 1996, doing all sorts of messy stuff as a Systems Engineer. During my time in Toronto, I served CORS (Canadian Operational Research Society) in various capacities, notably as the editor of their roughly-quarterly newsletter, the CORS Bulletin.

Work involvements included the following:

My time at Nidak Associates Ltd. can be described as follows:

These tasks continued under the SHL moniker through late 1994, along with the following:

In the fall of 1994, I started involvement with a project to install SAP R/3 at (what was then known as) Cominco Metal Sales, assisting a Basis consultant with integration of fax functionality into the R/3 system. Things quickly grew from there...

3.2. Irving, Texas - AMR/Sabre

In 1996, I moved to Irving, Texas to work for Sabre / AMR, assisting with the AMR SAP Financials Project in the role of a Consultant. The R/3 system "went live" in October 1997.

My involvement was been with the coding of interfaces between R/3 and legacy systems relating to assets and internal orders, most notably the conversion of approximately 93,000 assets valued at over $20 Billion.

The project has been characterized as follows: " The AMR SAP Financials project implemented successfully on October 1, 1997. This project consisted of a 22 month effort to migrate ten core legacy financial systems for all domestic and international AMR companies (excluding SABRE Group). This $40 million project was an installation of the packaged SAP Integrated client server financial software. It included constructing 42 conversions, 49 interfaces to legacy systems, 44 custom reports, and 35 SAPSCRIPTS (SAPSCRIPTS are SAP's special print layouts for business documents such as checks and invoices.) A batch processing network has been put in place to support the SAP Financials jobs which includes 300 mainframe and 460 SAP jobs. AMR has over 1,600 users of this system worldwide. Infrastructure hardware and software implemented to support the implementation includes four Unix client/server environments for development, training, testing and production with five data base servers, 13 application server and a total of 1.4 Terabytes of data storage capacity. In addition, the SAP graphical user interface software was installed on all 1,600+ end user workstations. The project was completed on time and 7% under budget."

As a member of the successful team, I was awarded the Pyramid of Gold "You're as Good as Gold" Team Award, which apparently means that I was a good team player.

Since then, I have been involved with BASIS and CTS activities along with others; and creating utility programs for the SHARP R/3 HR/Payroll project.

Organizational details are somewhat better documented here.

I am also a published author, having co-written two books for Wrox Press, as well as editing others.

A more formal resume might be found here; it was written using an SGML system that allows ready conversion of the resume into such forms as HTML, ASCII text, RTF (Rich Text Format), LaTeX, thereby producing attractive output in Postscript , PDF , and some less-well-known formats...

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