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7.9. More Slony-I Help

If you are having problems with Slony-I, you have several options for help:

7.9.1. Slony-I Website - the official "home" of Slony-I contains links to the documentation, mailing lists and source code.

7.9.2. Mailing Lists

The answer to your problem may exist in the Slony1-general mailing list archives, or you may choose to ask your question on the Slony1-general mailing list. The mailing list archives, and instructions for joining the list may be found here. .

If you are a question to the mailing list then you should try to include the following information:

It is a good idea to run the Section 4.3.1 tool before posting a question to the mailing list. It may give some clues as to what is wrong, and the results are likely to be of some assistance in analyzing the problem.

7.9.3. Other Sources

Contact me at