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7. Things that ought to be fortunes...

7.1. The Shortcomings Spellcheck

I would like to apply fore a job as an editor of your paper. I halve a computer, and it has spellcheck, and it wood seam that this is awl I really knead.

I had originally intended too dew this last weak, but then I happened to reed my horoscope in The Times, and it said:

"Put on the reigns before you lose control of everything."

Of coarse, once I red this, I gnu it wood be better to weight four a more auspicious thyme.

Aye thought at first that maybe I should caul, but then I decided it mite be better to right. I truly believe that I would be a grate editor -- know matter watt -- rein or shine. Eye wood make accuracy inn spelling the mane ingredient of my editorial rain. Just to prove my hart is in the rite place, I maid sure this letter was perfect -- I ran it threw Spellcheck.

I really due wont this job, and I no I could bee a reel asset, butt if yew don't higher mi, I won't whale. Based on recent discussions in various places on various topics, it is pretty clear that it would be worthwhile to break this and other such functionality away from Mozilla.

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