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13. Taxation

13.1. Canadian Taxation

13.1.3. " Gratis" Canadian Tax Preparation Software

13.2. US Taxation

13.3. International Taxation

This is mostly about Canada/US tax situations, which was of particular interest to me as a Canadian citizen who resided in the USA.

13.4. Tax Protestors

There are an assortment of scam artists out there, ready to tell you the news that you would love to hear, namely that you don't have to pay taxes anymore. There is something of a "lecture circuit," where these folks go out on tour, evangelizing whomever they find with an anti-government, often rather racist, message. You are encouraged to give donations for the "valuable services" they have rendered you.

All sorts of excuses are used; the Canadian ones being almost entirely derivative of American ones; you are assortedly not required to pay taxes because:

Scratch any further, and the "boil" tends to "erupt," exposing assorted antisemitism, racism, and such. Some claim "Christian" roots, but obscenity just boils out of them. Anyone that would disagree with apparently must simultaneously be:

And the list goes on, tying to whatever conspiracy theory is their favorite this week. Some seem to be primarily scam artists; others are downright Net Kooks, for which the only answer appears to be the passive aggressive solution.

What is amusing is when they imagine that the 9/11 disaster was some sort of US government conspiracy. Consider that the US government was assortedly incompetent to keep secret such matters as:

In view of that, it requires stunning gullibility to think that an organization that couldn't hide dozens of relatively minor scandals suddenly achieved the adeptness to murder several thousand Americans in public view, hide it from view, and conclude that the benefits of this would outweigh the staggering costs should they be found out.

What's quite amusing is when these folk pull out some reference to some " Top Secret" document that someone published out on the web that supports their theory that there is some government " New World Order" conspiracy. It is impossible to prove that some " Top Secret" thing is directly false; if the conspiracy is real, then government officials would obviously lie about this.

But step back to the issue of whether the " Top Secret" document could possibly have any credibility. Consider the options:

In any case, there are quite a few " tax nuts" out there, and you should consider very carefully what bits of what they say you will believe, and what bits are best left alone...

Then there are the "anti-looney" sites...

Those that wish that there were useful discussions on can.taxes should surely consult the passive aggressive solution.

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