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6. Proprietary Business Finance Software For Linux

The definition of running on Linux tends to vary somewhat. Several packages claim this property based on the fact that they run atop a relational database (like Oracle, Informix, Sybase, or perhaps one less famous), and that such database software can be hosted on Linux.

In many such cases, the software is implemented using a client/server architecture, where the client side software can only run on Windows. Some might consider it a little disingenous to claim that an application "runs on Linux" when not all of the application components can, in fact, run on Linux.

6.1. Server on Linux, Client on Windows

Almost any sort of software that data in files or, typically a tad more reliably, using a relational database, may have the storage subsystem drawn out. If the software uses a standard protocol such SQL-CLI, the application ought not need to care what kind of platform the database resides on.

Here are some applications where it is known that the database may run on Linux, whilst the "client front end" does not.

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