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Table of Contents
1. "The Four" - Browne Brothers
2. Parents
3. Non-Relatives with Remarkably Similar Names

1. "The Four" - Browne Brothers

I am the eldest of four brothers (no sisters, but three sisters-in-law, Michelle, Angela, and Carla), located in an assortment of places:

These days, with the four of us spread out so much, it tends to be some rather significant event that gets us together in the same place. This has been known to include significant pranks. It's somewhat "dangerous" to have us all together!

Anil, president of Cotest Software, , who lived in Toronto in the apartment I last lived in there, is an "honorary" Browne brother due to many years of putting up with us, as well as an inadvertant "christening" by Rev. Lyle Johnson at Christmas in about 1994. (Lyle may or may not remember this.) For his wedding, Dave and I wound up Travelling to India, an exceedingly memorable experience.

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