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5. Other Editors

5.1. QED

QED is a predecessor to ed and vi, one of the first to use regular expressions.

It lies somewhat in between vi and Emacs in that its commands more resemble those of vi (which is essentially a successor), but where, like Emacs, it supports having multiple buffers in memory. Going beyond both, in terms of "computing power", it offers the capability to have commands that operate on sets of buffers (hence operating on multiple files) all at once.

Historically, it should probably be particularly contrasted with TECO .

5.2. SED - The Stream Editor

If you need to edit files of simply enormous size, and can afford the notion of not having an "interactive" editor, sed provides a quite ferociously fast option. It works via making one pass across the input, which may run numerous edit transformations, which is very efficient.

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