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3. Data Security and Cryptography

3.1. Algorithms, FAQs, and General Information

3.2. Cryptographic Algorithm Implementations

3.3. Crypto Hardware

3.4. Cryptographic Filesystems

There are a variety of implementations of "encrypted filesystems," where a directory or other set of files are stored in encrypted form, but with some public interface whereby once you connect to the filesystem, you can transparently access the encrypted data as if it were a regular filesystem containing a set of unencrypted files.

3.5. AES Cipher Proposals

These are possible candidates in the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) process to replace the venerable DES cipher; the final winner was Rijndael .

There were originally links to virtually all of the proposals; many have since "aged" off the list, and as Rijndael "won" the competition, others are of somewhat diminished interest.

3.6. Password Managers

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