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7. Alternatives to CORBA

7.1. Other RPC Schemes

The notable predecessor to CORBA was DCE; Microsoft's COM system, their nearest equivalent to CORBA, was originally based on DCE.

7.2. Message Queueing Systems

There are a variety of libraries available for managing message queues on Linux. The following list orders implementations roughly in the order of how "heavyweight" the implementations appear to be, from the SystemV "message queue" implementation found in the Linux kernel to some Java-based implementations that might represent "monstrosities."

7.3. Distributed Object Schemes

7.4. Wired XML Schemes

Several proposals have come out whereby XML messages are layered atop some messaging scheme.

7.5. COM and DCOM

For those looking to bind themselves to whatever Microsoft will allow them to do today, DCOM is a "reasonable" alternative to CORBA.

7.6. InterLanguage Unifications or Foreign Function Interfaces

An important issue when working with multiple languages can be to try to invoke code written in one language when writing code in another language.

C is commonly used as a "lowest common denominator" in this regard; there are a number of other options as well:

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