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4. Other Goods

4.1. Clothing and War Gaming

On occasion, I've been known to play paintball. Here's some links to some of the relevant equipment...

4.2. Cool Knives

4.3. Electronic Goods

4.4. Plastic Card Vendors

This list was constructed in research of vendors selling plastic ID cards of one variety or another, with a particular view to possibly making up cards for NTLUG members.

This would allow them to have people "sign in" at meetings merely by swiping a card through a card reader.

Unfortunately, such cards are prohibitively expensive when purchased in small quantities, and the integration work to make this work will have to wait for some volunteer to come along and turn the "neat idea" into reality...

It's somewhat surprising how many ways there are of getting faked IDs, notably including drivers licenses, birth certificates, and passports. Many of the "fake ID" links are dead now; the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) apparently went after them with considerable enthusiasm...

4.5. Move Logistics

When moving from the United States to Canada, there are certain roadblocks that it is important to be careful about.. Here are some moving-related links:

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