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4. The BOGUS Distribution

The Bogus distribution of Linux was a "hackers"' distribution of Linux. Its claim to fame was that it packed up software "packages" in such a form that they could all be readily recompiled from scratch.

This is not all that useful to the average user to whom installing binaries is fine; it is important if you wish to either customize packages or have a set of packages optimally configured for your customized system. The RedHat distribution uses a software package manager called RPM which grew out of the Bogus tool set. RPM has proved extremely valuable for constructing Linux distributions to run on multiple platforms (e.g. x86, Alpha, SPARC).

The group of BSD-related OS developers have come up with a further enhancement to the scheme; they have created a "make-based" scheme called Ports where your system will seek out the most recent source code and patches, searching over the Internet, if need be. Their scheme appears to be somewhat less strong at managing the installation of packages; its strength is in compilation. It is a neat extension, nonetheless.

You may be able to access an ancient copy of the BOGUS distribution via FTP...

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