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2. Abel: Pine64+ SBC

Named after Niels Henrik Abel, whose memorial is (pining!) by a Norwegian fjord (hence a wee joke about "pining for the fjords").

Documented at, this is a wee single board computer with quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, 2GB of RAM, and not much storage.

Acquired via a Kickstarter project, and OSed with Debian via root filesystem material from Pine64 Forum discussion on Debian installation alongside bootloader from umiddelb/z2d Pine64 installation , based on instructions gleaned from the latter. I was surprised at how easy/quick the installation was; it amounted to...

I shifted the SD Card from laptop to the Pine64 unit, and it booted up happily.

2.1. Hardware Setup for Pine64

It obviously needs to be plugged in in order for it to work...

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